Why your emails are bouncing back and how to solve it?

Bounce e-mail (sometimes referred to as bounce mail) is electronic mail that is returned to the sender because it cannot be delivered for some reason. Unless otherwise arranged, bounce e-mail usually appears as a new note in your inbox.
General Bounce – A general bounce is recorded when the server could not deliver an email message, but also could not detect a specific reason. In most cases, this is related to a soft bounce.
Hard Bounce – A hard bounce is recorded when an email message is considered permanently undeliverable. The email system will not try to deliver the email again. Hard bounce email addresses are automatically disabled. The system will not allow you to send any automated email to these accounts.

Soft Bounce -A soft bounce is recorded when there is a temporary issue with the recipient’s email account, delaying message delivery. In many cases, the email system will try to redeliver the message several times over a period of hours or days and will only consider it undeliverable after the retry process times out.

There are several reasons for a soft bounces:
Mailbox Full: The recipient’s email box is too full. There is no room for the message. Most of the time this is related to improper maintenance, but it could mean that the recipient no longer actively uses the email account even though it still exists.
DNS Failure: The email cannot be delivered due to an issue with the receiving server. This is most likely an issue with the nameserver settings for your domain. The issue may be related to the SPF records.
Auto Reply: This kind of soft bounce indicates the message has been delivered, but the recipient has an auto-reply enabled on their account. The bounce status will be removed as soon as the recipient opens the email. This I do not treat this as a bounce.
Subscribe Request: These are recorded when an auto-reply is sent to your bounce capture email account ([email protected] or [email protected]) asking to be added to your list. They are a type of soft bounce since most people would not send a message to these accounts.
Mail Block – A mail block is recorded when the recipient’s email server blocks an email message completely. It rejects it before it tries to deliver it to their inbox. These are primarily based on rules and it requires a caller to call these people and make them change their email servers to activate it to recover our emails.
Transient Server – This is a temporary bounce and will rectify by itself. If it does not then it moves into a general bounce and we can treat it as one.
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