Synergy in Marketing Elements

The theme of Star Wars and the general galaxy sentiments portrayed there, when compared to today’s business sentiments are strikingly similar. The federation forces, aka the business owners, are on the retreat with morale depleting fast, but hope is just about alive (today’s business sentiments) as everyone is waiting for a miracle to happen to save the galaxy (a grand strategy to save businesses by a master stroke).

The protector of the galaxy (clients) appears and lo behold – the federation wins!

I wish… I really wish it would come true.

As much as we might hope for it, the protectors of the “business galaxy” are not coming to our rescue unless We – the business owner – decides to light the beacon. Show them our location and our situation and show that we are doing something to uplift our business.

Produce quantifiable marketing actions that will help our clients see our value proposition and grow.

The protectors were never there to save each and every one of us from the onslaught of the unfavourable winds of business which we are witnessing as we enter the pre-Christmas quarter.

If we remain visible to the protectors, we survive and prosper.

How do we do that?

Make your business visible to the clients.

As I have mentioned several times in the past, clients have not gone into hiding. They are just where they are supposed to be – looking for the right deal, at the right time and at their expectation levels.

We, as business owners, need to ensure that our service basket or the product offering is visible to them.

The typical “Funnel Approach” to doing business is gone and not coming back on the same terms as we had earlier. People who entered the funnel were driving the business and all was hunkydory. Not any more.

Today the business world needs to review the often repeated Harvard approach to treating every marketing strategy from a funnel perspective. The changed approach needs a very different, and a holistic relook. It is a cyclic approach and an iterative one. One where the marketing mix elements are working in conjunction and in synergy. They need to work together and aim at achieving the singular message based on the business theme of choice.

To achieve this, a map needs to be created that maps every inbound and outbound marketing element in the marketing mix and see how, when and where they are touching the prospect. Its needs a time series approach to marketing – something not evident in the linear, inverse pyramidal structure the Funnel Approach proposes.

If you are looking to revamp the marketing initiative and want a holistics relook at the business processes and coupled with synergizing the elements already in your marketing mix, reach out and we can discuss the details at length.

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