Ways to Grow Your Real Estate Business in 2018

Whether your goal is to make the leap from digital to bricks and mortar (or vice versa), growing your business while continuing to offer exceptional service to current customers in the real estate world can feel like an impossible balancing act. Especially when you are in the Real Estate Industry in the US.
Rules are changing every day, customers are only just getting over the housing phobia, capital is stuck and sellers are expecting to cover losses, while Buyers are waiting for the right crack in the pricing matrix.
The job of a real estate agent is not going to get easy – it never was actually… it just got quite a bit complicated.
But you are in it and you need a strategy to get the right kind of committed people to come to you to sell their houses. It needs marketing and some well thought through strategies. Not the MBA kinds, but something definitive and well structured.
Something that makes the Digital Matrix click.
If you’re serious about supercharging your business’s growth, it all comes down to perfecting your go-to-market strategy. You’ll need a steady line of capital, a clear understanding of your audience, and smart segmentation to deliver the right message to the right prospect at the right moment.
It also doesn’t hurt to get creative with your messaging strategies to capture new leads. We have done it for our clients and we can assist you in the defining your strategy for 2018. Something new, something super charged and something that can be measured.
The gist of the strategy is here and its simple. The implementation of this strategy, however, is the key. That’s where Unokha comes to your assistance.
We support Real Estate Agents all the way – till the deal is done and beyond. We discuss and define the marketing strategy and then implement it for you. You do what you do vest – Sell dreams and houses. We help you create those dreams.
And in a budget which will not pinch. End to End.

Real Estate Marketing Strategy

1. Define your ideal customer
When you first started your real estate business, you may have tested out different product lines and service offerings. Now that you have a better idea as to what generates your desired level of profit, it’s time to prune your high-cost, low-value customers. Not saying that you dump them – No. Prune them on a priority of their interest.
The key to rapid growth is to do one thing exceptionally well for a small, select audience. Being so specific can feel a bit intimidating at first, but don’t be scared. Saying no to customers who are a poor fit will save you time, money and aggravation– all while freeing up your resources to target the right prospects.
2. Create customer profile segments
While the broader audience in your ideal customer profile will share many similar traits, it’s still possible to get more specific by segmenting this audience. For example, one natural division could be existing customers versus prospective customers versus former customers. People who are interested in a deal in the immediate time frame – whatever immediate means to your situation.
Your marketing messages will differ depending on your relationship with these individuals, even if the audience as a whole still falls under your ideal customer profile.
What about your current customers: how can you best maximize their value by keeping them loyal to your business? While all these segments may be valuable to your business, targeting the lowest hanging fruit first will build recurring revenue and help finance your future expansion efforts.
3. Be realistic about your capital needs
In an ideal world, we’d all be sitting on a pot of gold that could finance our business expansion plans. In reality, of course, many real estate agents do bootstrap their startup– and also forgo any real salary or benefits in an effort to get the business off the ground. You work extra, try and get some relevant, paid information to the customer and try and crack the deal with all gusto. Its succeeds at times and fails on some occasions. This is especially true in the real estate market in the US today. The need is them to create a presence that adds value to the over all brand. because you are the Brand. You need to stand out from the other 100,000 of them. We have recommendations which can support your case.
4. Measure, analyze and pivot
How do you know if your brand creation strategy is working? Yes, your monthly cash flow forecast will help you know if you’re in the green or red, but these numbers only tell part of the story. The message needs to fit into the overall marketing strategy and you will need to be ALWAYS well advised on where the pivot should be. Unokha can assist you in that in many ways.
Additional Tip – As a digital strategist and small business owner myself, I also suggest keeping a close eye on your marketing metrics. Are your hypotheses about which messages will best move your audience sub-segments through the buying cycle working? Is there a sudden fall-off in retention or a drop in new customer acquisition? By identifying and responding quickly to any changes, you’ll be able to pivot messaging strategy before the loss hits your bottom line. You need to be in the right circles to benefit from these moments where a pivot can change the very scope of your business. Help, us help you.
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