WH Luxe



WhLuxe is White House Luxury Store WordPress Website by Unokha!
White House Luxury is a premium furniture website created on the WordPress Platform and maintained by Unokha. Its has one of the most amazing arrays of furniture. Unokha associated with the company and its CEO to make the website responsive and aligned with WordPress best practices. The project extended over 5 months where we managed the entire suite of websites that come under the White House banner. The result is that we have a responsive and effective website that is suitable for the clients to visit.
For over thirty years, White House Luxe has built a reputation for offering the finest quality products, the most educated and talented staff to assist with selections, and a professional delivery team to safely place new furnishings in homes.
Unokha assisted White House and specifically White House Luxury website in aligning with the WordPress best practices after taking over. The website had some very serious issues and was not w3C compliant, nor responsive. Unokha went on to create a new framework that would enable White House staff to upload and manage the systems better and more efficiently.