Navigate your CRM systems through COVID-19?

The world is going through a once in a generation event.
Strangely, I receive over 40 emails a day from smart companies who move into a ‘Work from Home’ mode of operation. Those companies are telling me about how they have managed to keep their employees and me safe working from home.

I would just call out to them and say – Well done!

But I will also ask – Why are you telling me this? I am not the government; I am not auditing your operations; I am just a client, or worse a prospect.

I am in the WRONG EMAIL LIST for those companies!

Smart companies were great at capturing the email and are now keeping  in the loop for some reason that is not related.

They are sending a broadcast message to the WRONG PROSPECT.

I understand that work is to be done. Sales need to happen. Opportunities need to be pursued. Service issues need to be resolved.


NOT by Spamming.

Smart companies will pivot at this time and start to optimize and use an often under-utilized asset in their marketing mix – the CRM. Whether you use Zoho, Infusionsoft by Keap, AgileCRM or just about any other system, it’s time to pay close attention to it.

What are these smart companies doing?

I have a handy check sheet which I am providing to a handful of my old clients to help them navigate through these times of uncertainty.

Its free and no obligations.
Read it, and if you find it useful, use it to help you and your company navigate – to a better tomorrow.

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