How to Make your Customer Journey Pleasant

Let’s dive in and start with the look and feel of your website. Lets  look at your customer journey.  The epitome of your website’s success lies in your Customer Journey and we should discusss that in a free and frank manner.

Can you remember the last time it was updated with a new theme? Have you made sure it’s mobile responsive? What kind of steps have you been taking toward SEO? I know that’s a lot to take in, but again, if you’re honest with yourself, how does your website answer those questions? Are your visitors crashing into walls instead of making it around the corner? Are you sure? What kind of analytics do you have in place?

What is Customer Journey?

What is the most visited page of your website? What stage in the buying process are visitors at when they reach that page? Is it easy to find exactly what they’re looking for? Can they do it all from their smartphone?

Take this for example:

If your most-visited page is the home page, and most of the visitors to that page are in the awareness stage of the buying process, do you have relevant calls-to-action that make it clear how to move away from the pain points the visitors are experiencing? You need to offer them value – precise value.

Make sure you’re honest with yourself. It’s OK if your website isn’t where it needs to be; taking action will help you get there.

Take action: Plan, build, and check

So you’ve been honest with yourself, and you’ve got some answers to some pretty tough questions about the state of your website and hopefully a picture of where you want it to go.  Now let’s dive in and discuss how to get it there.

We need to start with a plan, and for that, we need to make sure you have a clear picture of your Customer’s Journey. Knowing what stage your potential customers, or grandmas if you will, are at when they come in contact with your business will help you to know what kind of ads to use to drive them to your website. It’ll help make sure you’re offering the right lead magnets, using the right tripwires, and that you’re placing all of these strategically. If you’re trying to sell clothes to teenagers, Facebook ads aren’t going to be very effective. If you’re selling to their moms, then Facebook would be a great place for your lead magnet. Make sense? The plan starts with knowing who you’re selling to and where they are spending their time.

Once we know where to find them, we need to make sure we’re directing to the right pages of your website. If the blog post you’re writing is for someone in the consideration stage, send them to a page on your site that explains how to find a solution to their problem. Maybe it’s a landing page that compares potential options. For instance, if you’re a clothing company, it could be a page talking about the pros and cons of different materials in shirts or choosing the right fit for the visitor’s body type.

Plan to Succeed

Have a plan for what content is going to be placed where, and make sure you’re sending people to the most relevant places. Be systematic about it.

This is also the point where you need to honest with yourself one last time. Are you equipped to make the changes your website needs on your own? If you are, is that the best use of your time? It might not be, and honestly, it might be best to have a professional do the work for you. It could actually save you money by not using up your time and increasing conversion. If you can do it on your own, then more power to you. If not, find someone who can.

Automate everything you can

 Automation, as defined by Infusionsoft makes sure your website visitors get the attention they need. They’ll move through the Customer’s Journey seamlessly. Take advantage of the fact that we live in a digital world where tech runs the show. Let it run yours. That’ll get you one step closer to joining our friends on the beach, where you can be the one that comes across blog posts about bettering your online presence. Only this time, you’ll be the one that giggles and orders another colorful drink as you move right on past the post. Let Unokha help.

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