How to make your emails shine…

How many emails do you receive in your inbox on a daily basis? Perhaps a couple of hundred. And this is discounting the ones which end up on spam by your email client. How does your email look in some prospects inbox? Is it just about email design, or is it something else?
When you create an email and plan on using it for marketing or transactional purposes, you MUST think about how YOUR email will look in THEIR inbox.
This note is about the best practices an email author must adopt while writing emails for today’s clients – who are so short on time and patience.

  1. Type of Email. Decide upfront the type of email you plan on creating. If it’s a Marketing email, make sure the headline is not the staple “Great Offer” type. It should still be something has a contextual connect with the intended recipient. In the case of a transactional email, with open rates of over 90%, make it a habit to design it well and personalize it.
  2. Clear Call to Actions. Make CERTAIN that you have your Call to Action clear and distinct. And, make sure you send one CTA per email. Too many options per email tend to confuse a client and that’s not a great thing.
  3. Focus your Message – Focus is the Key Word. No long sentences, simple and straight message – under 8 seconds to read it from top to bottom is ideal. Work on it and see the results. Brevity is the king here.
  4. Readable Fonts – DON’T use fancy fonts in your text. Besides the spam filter penalizing you, the customer definitely will need to squint. Use San Serif for normal text font and Bold it for headlines.

There are several ways in which we can create the ideal email – however, it takes the experience to send out one that really gets opened.

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