Integrate your CRM and IoT based Feeders for a Seamless Customer Experience

People were starting to think that CRM was a thing of the past. It had become outdated as it was not providing the kind of insightful data that social media platforms were delivering.

However, IoT has injected new life into CRM. Gartner, in a recent report predicts “CRM will be at the heart of digital initiatives in the coming years as enterprises look to create more targeted interactions in a multi-channel environment.” With advancements in IoT, CRMs are all set to change the business landscape.

The modern business world changes every day. With that in mind, it is important for any business, big or small, to stay up-to-date with all the trends that can benefit customers. Our lives, both personal and professional, are today a part of the digitized world. That is why all the modern innovations should be taken into account while building a business strategy. The story is no different when it comes to our digitized avatars.

What is IoT?

The internet has grown and evolved at a rapid pace and what was once a clunky, confusing world of ones and zeroes, is now an integral part of our lives, even when we don’t realize it. Internet users not only communicate with one another but also devices all over the world. These devices which communicate with each other, at internet speeds constitute the world of IoT. They come in different shapes and sizes, and are used globally to make life easier.  

How does the CRM improve with IoT?

Customer data points collection is the primary resource and the driving force behind any business. Thus, keeping customer data points gathering skills alive and agile has great economic value for any business. Lead based information gathering can be pushed to new levels with the help of IoT connected devices and processes. But that won’t be of much help if there isn’t a robust CRM platform for that information to go into. Collecting your prospects’ data and organizing it into a CRM allows you to connect to the prospect, then when the prospect becomes a customer, that data can be passed to customer service, ushering in the groundwork for long-term customer service.

Why are Data Points Important using IoT?

Using IoT the right way can change a buyer’s behavior and the way a seller works. It can also help identify the correct time at which the customer needs to be presented with an offer – with the maximum probability of them accepting it. Dovetail this into the eCommerce value chain and retail is hugely impacted.

IoT assistance in Service and Support

Connected “Things” are also channels. You can improve the service through combination of multi-channel interactions and pre-existing knowledge bank which feeds into a 360 degree customer view. Service based businesses can gain hugely from such a view. A simple case in point is using IoT for service quality improvement by reducing the cycle time by leveraging the real time integration of “Things” with corporate systems.

As the Internet of Things integrations continue to gain momentum, the ecosystem, coupled with traditional CRM systems with connected plugins which assist seamless acceptance of IoT derived data will continue to improve the overall customer experience.

Pairing IoT-connected devices with a powerful CRM, can increase the power of your sales team. They will have the data they need to make your customer experience better.

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