Why Infusionsoft is the Perfect CRM for the Real Estate Business

Why Infusionsoft is the Perfect CRM for the Real Estate Business

Bryce Henderson left a steady 9-to-5 job to start his own company working as a real estate agent for first-time homebuyers. He also flips houses and strives to give his clients the best possible service. He knew the career change was right for him but it didn’t come without challenges. While moving from a stable salary job to start his own business was a bit overwhelming for him. The biggest issue he faced was the number, type and varied requirements from his clients and no backup or support system that could automate the messages and responses.

He was then introduced to Infusionsoft.

Bryce was at a crossroads with his business, which left him with less time to follow up with new clients and less time with his family. And when you’re out selling homes, longer sales cycles and the need to nurture leads and clients don’t stop and still needs to be taken care of.

With Infusionsoft, now Keap as a customer relationship management (CRM) tool, Bryce learned that he could actually be in 2 places at once. While he was out showing and selling homes, Keap was back at the office making sure leads and clients were taken care of.

In Bryce’s words. “Keap allowed me to free up time and focus on expanding my business in other ways,” he said. “I was following up with prospective clients, past clients, and current clients. The software has allowed me to remove myself from that role and to focus on getting new business, as well as maintaining my current stuff.” Impressive eh..!

Keap has a learning curve – accepted, but once set per the best practices, its make your engaging and nurturing a client a breeze.

Bryce learnt it to his and his businesses’ advantage. Re you ready for it? Even if you are not yet, schedule a call with Unokha and we can trace a way your business can benefit from the using the CRM best practices. Reach out.

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