How to re-engage with your dead contact list?

How do you clean a dead contact list? Its a critical business activity.

Successful businesses go to great lengths to clean their prospect/customer database. They are successful because they go to great lengths to keep their database clean and up to date.

Let’s admit it, we have a lot of emails and addresses in our database. With some we communicate regularly. But most are hidden somewhere in our email accounts, Excel sheets, Google drives and visiting card registers. And perhaps on old devices as well.

What use are they?

Nil! Zilch! NOTHING, if not communicated with regularly.


They have forgotten about you. The connection is severed, or almost.

If you have not communicated with them – they have forgotten you or even worse, have decided to move on to a new company or started using a new email address (@yahoo moving to @gmail) we don’t know how to reach out to them now.

But there was a connection!

And as I have mentioned several times in the past – it is easier to rekindle an old connection than to create an entirely new one. 

Time to clean up the dirty contact list.

Solution – RE-Engage.

But first CLEAN!

The First Step to re-engagement is Cleaning the database {Link}.

What does it involve?

  1. Put them all in a single place.
  2. Get them into the same format.
  3. Clean the special characters, spaces, test@ emails.
  4. Remove malformed email addresses.
  5. Sort them, purge them, remove spam traps, remove honey pot emails.
  6. Remove “Seeded Addresses” from ISPs and anti-spam engines.
  7. Lookup job function emails like customer service@ or welcome@ or info@ or sales@. Think about what you wish to do with these emails.
  8. De duplicate the emails.
  9. Identify near duplicates in the list.
  10. Re-sort them and put them all together in a format your email delivery system accepts.

Or, reach out to us  and we can get this done for you.

Remember – Clean List means success.



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