How to make profitable landing pages?

Landing pages or LPs are what keep the flywheel moving for our marketing efforts – but how do we create effective and profitable  LPs?

Especially during the COVID period.

What constitutes great landing pages – and what makes them click?

The answer is simple – Common sense.

I mean it… really!

What to look for in Landing Pages?

Lets reverse engineer it and see what you see on a page when you make a purchase for an item.

  • Looks – Yes
  • Colors – Yes
  • Product Description – Yes
  • An Opt In form – yes… no.. maybe
  • Video – if you have time – Yes
  • Audio – I guess not yet…
  • Offers – YES

But above all – what’s most important is FOCUS.

When it comes to creating and using LPs, I would recommend that you keep this rule of thumb at the forefront — “Landing pages are used when you want to drive visitors to take one, specific action.”

So, whether its an event, or a webinar invitation, or delivery of a Lead magnet or an amazing discount – LPs are an ideal platform to deliver of them – provided they are focused and have a single theme of delivery.

While researching the anatomy of a good LP, I came across this good structure from the Aweber website which is worth keeping in mind.

Landing Pages Template





















Landing Pages Headlines

I observe several LPs each week and one thing that strikes me as a distinction of a good LP is that the headline is catchy. Probably 9 of 10 catchy headlines are always verbs and I have for you 5 which I find useful and you can use in your LPs –

  • [Number] ways to [desired goal or outcome] – Example headline: 7 ways to afford your dream vacation house before you turn 35
  • How to [desired result] without ever feeling [undesirable emotion] – Example headline: How to write a book without ever feeling overwhelmed
  • How to [desired result] even if [barrier to accomplishing desired result]- Example headline: How to lose weight even if you don’t have a gym membership
  • Do you know these [number] ways to avoid [undesirable outcome]? – Example headline: Do you know these 17 ways to avoid losing your hair?
  • How to [desired result] with [plan, strategy, method to reach desired outcome] – Example headline: How to read 30 books this year with a foolproof “quick-read”method?

For more information on the best ways to keep your landing pages engaging and relevant, keep reading the next two emails in the series. I am sure you will get the conversions on your landing pages through the roof and people will begin to engage with your pages.

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