Handle Unhappy Customers

The right Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software doesn’t just nurture leads and track prospects—it can also help you resolve customer disputes before they cause damage.
Small business owners know better than most that a customer dispute is more than a thorn in the side. Even when they’re not serious, complaints can lead to bad online reviews and a lack of referrals, both of which can hurt your bottom line.
According to an infographic from the consumer intelligence company Vision Critical, 80 percent of people won’t buy from a business with negative online reviews. Plus, unhappy customers are three times more likely than happy ones to tell friends about a negative experience—and bad word of mouth spreads fast.
Then there’s the fact that customer complaints can escalate into professional liability lawsuits if they’re not handled properly. The way to handle such customers might be to :-

  • CRM keeps your customer information organized
  • CRM helps you integrate data with customer service

  • CRM gives you the insight you need to engage meaningfully

If you have a query on how to handle customer dispute in an efficient manner, feel free to connect with Unokha and we can recommend some way to handle this delicate, yet effective modus operandi.

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