Efficient Infusionsoft Invoicing

Infusionsoft invoicing has been a bug bear for a while. However, in a recent announcement Infusionsoft decided to bring simplicity and order to millions of small businesses worldwide. They announced a new addition to the platform: Infusionsoft invoicing – Easier.
Why is this important?
The invoicing feature ensures Infusionsoft customers get paid faster and more frequently. They added the new feature based on report by Fundbox that stated “the estimated total amount in unpaid invoices across all U.S. small businesses is a whopping $825 billion. Additionally, 81 percent of small business invoices are 30 days past due, and it takes an average of 21 days for an invoice to be paid.”
Unokha agrees. And firmly believe that “You can do better.”
Sadly the issue of missing large deals or losing money due to unpaid deals is rampant. Time is one of the most valuable and limited resources for small businesses, and few have enough of it to manually create and send professional-looking invoices manually, or collect and process their payment. With so many other elements of running a small business that need attention, it’s inevitable that keeping up with payments will fall through the cracks at some point.
Infusionsoft attempts invoicing helps to stop all that. The team at Unokha can help you implement this in an efficient manner.
Why you should consider switching to Infusionsoft invoicing
This new feature eliminates the need for small business owners to determine which payments are outstanding, then chase down each individual customer for payment. This addition to the platform lets Infusionsoft users create branded, professional-grade invoices for easy, online client billing, while keeping track of their customers’ debts automatically.
It’s also tied to the customer information, so businesses can monitor which invoices have been sent, viewed, paid, and are overdue—and set reminders to the customers based on their actions—all in one place.
The Future
Infusionsoft invoicing is just the beginning of the a slew of changes coming into the Infusionsoft ecosystem. I would say that changes are happening on the front getting business to get paid faster is something important. You can learn more about Infusionsoft invoicing in this video.
Try it out for yourself by logging in to Infusionsoft and accessing it directly from the contact record. If you need help, reach out to Unokha and we can assist you in the process.
Happy invoicing!

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