CRM Implementation

Business Relationship Management

CRM helps businesses build a relationship with their customers. This creates loyalty and customer retention. Since customer loyalty and revenue are both qualities that affect a company’s revenue, CRM are part of the management strategy that results in increased profits. Forbes

Our Service Basket

Our custom CRM development services aims to help businesses in managing interactions with existing and potential clients.

CRM Audit

An essential part of your business process  that needs continuous updation and review. Many organisations need an independent, bias free look at their CRM and business processes. We come in to provide you an honest, accurate and unbiased opinion of how your CRM is performing. The question we ask your CRM are :

  • What is your data telling you? 
  • Where are there redundancies and information you’re not using? 
  • Is your CRM meeting its full potential? 
  • Are there things you want your CRM to provide that it isn’t? 
  • Does your team believe your CRM is enabling them? 
  • Analytics: Where does your CRM help improve your conversion metrics? 
  • Where does it fail to do so? 
  • Usage Reporting 
  • Recommendations 
  • Integration possibilities 
CRM Selection Consultancy

Which CRM might work for you? There are over 80 CRMs in the SME space and each has features which suits a specific audience. It is a multivariate optimization problem that needs experience to solve. We provide client consultancy to advise clients on CRM selection and subsequent customization possibilities. The objective is to get the right technology and features that can satisfy business needs.

CRM Migration

You have data in siloed structured or perhaps another CRM which is not meeting your business requirements. You dont have to live with the problems. CRM migration can painful is not managed properly. A botched migration plan can lead to regulatory issues and even loss of important data. We have experience of over 15 years in planning, executing and training teams on the major change management exercise that a CRM change can bring about. 

Reach out to us if you feel your need advise on changing your CRM or adopting one while you are still using your excel sheets to store client information. 

CRM Butler Service

A customized white-labeled service to manage your CRM for you. This involves Unlimited chores done for you each month so you can work on the strategy and we do whats necessary to execute the strategy at the CRM level. We also provide strategy guidance so you can expand with confidence into new business avenues. Make CRM move to the Strength Quadrant in the SWOT matrix and open up new opportunities.

We Help You With

Whether its one, or a combination of many of these CRMs, you can depend on us to strategize it and implement them for your business.


The ideal CRM implementation for a company looking to integrate multiple business tools into one suite.


Efficient and simple mailing service that makes your emails look good and importantly reach fast.

Agile CRM

Ideal choice for messaging clients on your website with have tight social integration and intrinsic support for Stripe payment gateway.


Zoho is the rising star in the CRM space for SMEs. Are you looking for a comprehensive, economical solution to your CRM needs, then, look no further.


Best resources in businesses. Very supportive staff which helps you install well. If you want to create your CRM yourself, look no further.

Microsoft Dynamics

Perfect for a small to mid-sized organisations, Dynamics 365 Business Central manages your business end-to-end.


This economical solution to benefit SMEs wanting great looks and operations automation for the ease of marketing needs.


Sendinblue empowers businesses to build and grow relationships with their customers, using a simple to use approach.

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