Virtual Handshake with your client

We are all living in strange times…difficult times… I empathize with those who are facing tough times.

But I also believe that we are living  through a massive change management exercise.

One that will define how we move beyond the 2020s…

While things are changing fast, and silently, its imperative that each business refocuses on their core strength and keeps track of their clients.

The one thing that is mutating faster than the virus out there is client behavior. Their expectations are changing at a frantic pace.

I do not stop reiterating this fact time and again.

Client’s expectations and thus client behavior change fast. Businesses that lose sight of this fundamental principle, tend to fail – fast.

During my interaction with 12 businesses over the last 9 weeks – one interesting fact always emerged always during our initial conversation – they all assumed – tighter pockets was the single cause of client disengagement.

I have proven it to all but one that this assumption is incorrect.

Clients always had tight pockets. In over 15 years of my freelancing experience, I have never come across a client who wanted to give away money for free.

You had to earn it and clients come to you now cos they value the service you provide. Measuring up to a client’s expectation is the key.

Its actually not tighter pockets – but transformation in client expectations that is changing the business landscape today.

Work from Home culture gaining mainstream, more time to review and analyze needs, more research time and difficulty in getting what they SPECIFICALLY need at the click of a button when online advertising is at all time high is contributing to the confusion. And many good businesses are getting lost in the melee.

What your clients need today is a clear proposition of your business, and an honest out reach program that is devoid of fluff. And repeatedly hearing this – once a day ideally.

If you and your business can provide that, you will remain in business. If not, you can pack your bags and join the whining list. Harsh, but its the truth.

And it might not be easy with every passing day. The World Bank reports and the Harvard Business Reviews are not helping much either.

Things to Do to get your Client Re-engagement Working  

Lets start with some facts first – Of the 12 businesses I mentioned above, 7 managed to get over 14% increase in their revenue and 1 failed. Working with the other 4 to get the client re-engagement in place. The keys learnings have been –

  1. This is the time for re-engagement. Client re-engagement processes need primary airtime in your marketing departments. Put all efforts into it cos it is going to matter. Big time.
  2. The clients are still there, and looking for the deal that makes them happy and you should be looking for the same too.  And you do not have to sell short.
  3. Make the concerted effort to reach out to the client – re-engage with a fresh perspective and make yourself available. Don’t hesitate to shake hands – virtually.
  4. DO a virtual Handshake with atleast 5 clients daily – Make it a habit – This is not something that has emerged now – it was always there – its just gained in importance now.
  5. Remove the fluff from your pitch – focus and get to the problem now. Provide solutions -0 not pipedreams.
  6. Learn to use Glue code.

If you are home, and with your family, with a steady income and your business is getting you the income – then you are doing something right. Keep at it.

If you however are facing a downwards trend in your clients reaching out to you, now is the time to start with a new approach to client re-engagement.

If you need to have a chat, just reach out.

To a better tomorrow.

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