Clear and Measurable Content Goals

You might be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of content you can create for your business — anything from Instagram Stories, to blog posts and e-books, to podcasts. The content needs to get the right eyeballs – especially now when people globally will be watching it as people are home and have time at hand to read, review and  comment.Clear and measurable content goals are the start point to an effective marketing strategy.

However, as Karla Cook, Editor and Manager of HubSpot’s Marketing Blog, notes, “[It’s critical] every single piece of content you’re creating has a clear, measurable goal in mind — and simply ‘getting views’ isn’t a complete business goal.

For instance, let’s say you decide you want to lean heavily into a blogging strategy. Simply crafting and publishing content isn’t enough — instead, it’s important you identify your target audience, and decide how your content can best serve that audience. A clear and measured content goal would act as the glue to get all pieces of content together.

Additionally, you’ll want to use analytics to ensure your content is able to reach the right people with the right search intent. You also need to make sure your content reaches your audiences. Just posting on the website is NOT enough. Use every tool in your marketing mix to spread the message. 

Once you identify how to serve your audience, you’ll want to ask yourself,

“How does this tie back to the business?” 

While it’s critical you write quality content to grow your audience, it won’t help attract prospects if it doesn’t tie back to your business.

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