Clean Data is the Key to Success

2021 is the year of HOPE – for everyone in the world, so to say.

Hope that things will become better.

Hope that the pandemic will vanish.

Hope that our dreams will come true and we will all – as a collective; achieve what we were always wanting.

Hope is a powerful thing. Infact, its one of the MOSTpowerful emotions we, as humans, possess.

But why am I talking about the concept of Hope?

I am a CRM Strategist and a Marketer. My newsletters should be telling us about ways to make a client click a link or make a purchase. Of marketing strategy or of some new and niche way to get our prospect’s attention so they purchase our services or book and appointment. .

Why then am I mentioning this word that we all know, but seldom pay attention to?

Because right through 2020, we have been living by the human resolve of HOPE. The powerful, mighty, indomitable, omnipotent, influential, strong, dominant human spirit that never left HOPE.

As marketers, hope is the effervescence of  everything we do. Hope backed by Facts!

We create strategies and processes that hinge on experience in the hope that the intended client will react to our initiatives. We build funnels and flywheels that will then channel our energies into a coherent set of actions leading to higher sales. Our hopes are based on hunches that are derived from facts presented to us.

We hope. Based on facts!

The difference between those who only hope and those who actualize their hopes in the marketing sphere is a simple one – Accuracy of Data.

All through 2020, I have been sending this message and watching some amazing examples of my clients who have made mind boggling journeys with their businesses simply because they dared to Hope. Their hope was based on realistic, accurate and visual data that we provided them.

Data  that was clean, purged, sifted, deduplicated and then presented in a manner that made sense to them so they could take a decision. Decisions that led to deals and deals that kept businesses alive.

The singular reason for all those who succeeded in 2020 in raising the bar, in achieving what other could not in their sphere of business was Good Data Handling. Data that made sense. Data which brought results.

In keeping with Unokha’s service basket, we are producing a simple service that helps you to clean your data and start to service your clients better. To start looking at your data through a new prism of accuracy and start treating it with the respect it deserves. It is the sum game of all that your business holds. Your data is your gold. Its your good will. Its the effective Net earning you have at the end of the day.

How sure are you of your data’s accuracy? Is your data clean and is it usable. If it is, when did you last check it? Its vintage, its cleanliness, its relevance.

Whatever your business, if you have data, in different silos – Excel sheets, Google Sheets, Cards, email lists, CRM data, Mailchimp data etc… and you want to use it effectively, its time to start now and get some help on it.

We can help you and its as simple as scheduling a time for a session where we can talk about the concerns and chalk out a strategy of how to go ahead with it.​


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