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Marketing Automation as a Service – Everything Done. Creating the optimal journey for customer that translate into actual sales.

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We help with

CRM Implementation

A 360 degree look at your Customer Experience and Approach

Website & Marketing Automation

Is your website responsive? Are you nurturing your customers correctly? Lets talk!

Email Marketing

(EDM) is one of the most valuable ways for you to reach out to your customers.

Data Cleaning

You have a dirty database and its not translating into sales. We can help.


We are a human centric digital firm. We create solutions that benefits your business. We employ a technical stack that ensures your business is supported. Our approach is to ensure your clients feel valued – and we do it through an ideal, seamless marketing automation journey. Our tools and software help you measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

We believe that “Data Never Lies”

CRM Implementation

Does your CRM integrate your business tools like voice, text and emails into one solution? Or are you handling several different systems? Have you chosen the correct tools? Need some insights? Lets talk!

Website and Marketing Automation

Is your marketing automation initiative  optimal? Are you missing following up with leads due to inconsistent customer tracking? Is your website actually the cornerstone of your marketing automation initiatives? Does it talk to your CRM? Is your CRM the correct one? Are you  nurturing your customers correctly? Need some honest advice? Lets talk!

Email Marketing

Email remains the preferred medium to communicate till date and will remain in the foreseeable future.  Whether through Mailchimp or Outlook, or a more customized solution using a EDM as part of a CRM suite, email delivery plays an important roles in achieving marketing goals. We provide advise on how to convert your emails into communication pistons. Lets converse about how Emails can click for your business.

Data Cleaning Services

Most business hold an incredible amount of information about their customers and about the businesses they are looking to prospect. However, its in separate silos and needs months of cleaning and sorting before you can actually start to use it. We can assist here. A bespoke data cleaning service – customized to your requirements, delivered in a format that you can use for your sales initiatives. If you feel your data needs a cleaning, ping us and we can assist. 

Data Cleaning Services

The Correct Technology Stack Matters

Every business needs to map their customer journey through an effective marketing automation process. Whether its on a website or when the customer moves through the sales funnel, its necessary that you view and track their movement. As a trusted marketing automation service provider, we support you in helping your customers – every step of the way. We help you select the technology stack that is suitable for YOUR business. Our approach is simple – choose a technology that assists your business to develop and grow. Don’t be overwhelmed by the technology you use – Make it works for you and not the other way around.


Recent Work

A few examples of our recent work can be seen here.

Our  Happy Clients

 Unokha continued to deliver above and beyond on the project and was also very helpful with other recommendations on other projects I had in process. I found Prashant and his team knowledge and work ethic to be top notch and I will be working with them again in the future I’m sure. I would be more than happy to recommend Prashant for any ongoing work
Dave Ryan

CRM Implementation, Dr Print+

Prashant was amazing. He jumped on the phone with me whenever I needed to speak with him and designed the funnel exactly how I imagined it. Highly recommended!
Lachie Pior

Founder & CEO, Digital Knockout

A great initial experience in the world of freelance contracting. Constructive advice, great insight, and patient and clear communication. We no have a solid foundation for us to expand and leverage our membership platform. Looking forward to working with this team again!
Mike Odendaal

CEO , Bluebird Strategy

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